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The Central Roads and Bridges Laboratory (CRBL) was established in 1957 with the task to develop scientific and research work and to apply achievements in the road construction practice in the Republic of Bulgaria. Currently CRBL employs over 81 highly qualified specialists, of which 40 are with university education (including 4 D.Sc, 4 Senior researchers and 20 researchers).

CRBL is a leading institution in the field of research work and applied science, accommodated with modern facilities and laboratory testing equipment. All its activities are oriented towards finding solutions to technical problems and tasks related to the Road Sector - research, design, construction and maintenance.

CRBL provides a number of services both for the Regional Road Administrations managed by the Road Executive Agency and for other public institutions and independent road companies, the major ones being described as follows:

- information systems;

- road design;

- classification of roads and road structures;

- inspection of roads and road structures;

- road construction and rehabilitation technologies;

- assessment and quality evaluation of road construction materials and products;

- technologies for road pavement management and maintenance;

- geotechnical investigations;

- studies and forecasts on traffic;

- investigation of technical means for the organisation and regulation of the traffic;

- road safety on road sections of higher traffic accident ratio;

- technical assistance and consultancy.


DIRECTOR: Eng. V. Manchev, PhD


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